The Kling Of The Real Estate Ring

One Ring Of Home Design To Rule Them All

The homes of Palo Alto and that region have long held the status of nearly a shire of its own right. Green hills in either direction and an enclave by the bay that held the academia that was to birth the dawn of a new age of the power of information to all. This was the place where real estate of the keepers of the power of information remained as the clocks of the turning of the age kept time.


Power of research brought home and transferred to Mountain View. The unintended monolith of commercialism that disavowed the right of others to seek profit.

Now the same monolithic power chooses whether or not to allow the local agent to present and sell Palo Alto estates online.

Find homes of this ring in Meno Park and Palo Alto of modern lore No ring shall prevail over us.

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